Health Coaching

The word nutrition is fraught with misconceptions, misunderstanding, and misinformation. Creating a positive relationship with food can be difficult, but it certainly doesn’t have to be, and you don’t have to do it alone.

I know what its like to have a complicated relationship with food; to use food as both a reward and a punishment. I know what its like to feel out of control with the choices you are making surrounding food and your health.

As a health coach I am not here to tell you which foods you can and cannot eat, but rather help you explore which foods work for YOUR body. My program is tailored to your individual needs and your goals. I want you to succeed.

Health coaching provides the support and guidance you need to finally make those life style changes. A health coach is different than any other nutritionist because it takes a holistic approach to addressing your needs. I understand that whats going in your career, relationships, activities, and spirituality are just as important for creating a healthy lifestyle as the foods you put on your plate.

Whether your goals are to finally break that sugar addiction, evaluate your relationship with food, lose weight, or simply assess what foods fuel your body the best I am here for you.

Email me for a free Health Coaching consultation. We will discuss your current eating habits, lifestyle, and goals. This is the perfect opportunity to verbalize your intentions and get to know each other better. Don’t live near me? Don’t worry, we can do a health consultation over the phone or Skype. Get started on your journey today!

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