Adulting is hard, real hard. And I know that when I’ve had one of those hard days I like to “reward” myself with a big glass of wine or piece (ok bar) of chocolate. Now don’t get me wrong, wine and chocolate certainly have their place when it comes to fixing bad days, but you do have other options.

  1. Drink some tea (Chamomile or Kava are good ones for relaxing) and sit outside if you can, or just in front of a window with natural sun light. Kava contains phytochemicals called kavalactones which act to calm nerves, and fight stress and anxiety. Sunlight releases serotonin which has huge mood boosting benefits.
  2. Light some candles and take a hot bubble bath. Turn your phone off, close the door and just take some time for yourself. Alone time is so necessary and very underutilized.
  3. Hang out with animals. Don’t have a pet yourself? Go hang out with a friend’s dog or cat and get some therapeutic kisses.
  4. Have a dance party in your granny panties. For the optimal granny panty dance party, listen to Beyonce. And sing. Really really loud.
  5. Curl up in your coziest pajamas and watch your favorite guilty pleasure (here’s looking at you Bachelor in Paradise).
  6. Work out. Even if its just doing jumping jacks in your living room. Hello endorphins.
  7. Do some yoga and allow yourself to have a nice long savasana. Meditation has been known to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, and relieve stress.
  8. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure (even if you do it yourself).
  9. Watch the “how animals eat their food” video on YouTube.
  10. Buy yourself your favorite flowers.
  11. Journal.
  12. Create your dream living room on Pinterest.
  13. Buy a new pair of shoes
  14. Be creative. Draw, color, paint.
  15. Lay in legs up the wall pose for at least 5 minutes. Sit parallel to a wall so your hip is touching the wall, legs are long in front of you. Bend the knee that is touching the wall and spin yourself so both legs are vertical on the wall. You want your bum to be touching the wall to reduce pressure on your knees. Arms rest beside you, gaze up. This is a go-to yoga pose recommended for people battling anxiety, depression and insomnia.
  16.  Go for a hike. Look at how beautiful the world is around you.
  17.  Call a friend.
  18. Put fresh sheets on your bed and take a nap.
  19. Look at the account @doggodoingthings on Instagram. Thank me later.
  20. Be ok with having a bad day. Sometimes what we really need is to just feel it all and have a nice long cry. And that is ok.


What do you do to cheer yourself up when you’re having a bad day?